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    Y!Intai: View, Capture, Grab, & Save Webcam of Yahoo Messenger

    المسؤلة عن الموقع
    المسؤلة عن الموقع

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    تاريخ التسجيل : 01/07/2008

    Y!Intai: View, Capture, Grab, & Save Webcam of Yahoo Messenger

    مُساهمة من طرف INES في السبت 21 فبراير - 16:41

    If you looking for yahoo tools software or program that will help
    you to capture and save the image from Yahoo Messenger Webcam, Y!Intai
    or Yahoo Intai is solution of the software that you are looking for.
    Along with your Windows Operating System, YIntai will help you to
    manage the image that you been captured from Yahoo Messenger Webcam.

    Working with official Yahoo Messenger
    Webcam Viewer–build in webcam in, we notice that official webcam viewer
    did not able to capture and save the image from yahoo webcam. If we try
    to save or capture or grab the image from yahoo messenger webcam, we
    must take manual steps to make it happen. Usually, we have to push
    print screen key on the keyboard, then we can save and edit the screen
    image contained with yahoo webcam, in the image processing software
    (paint, photoshop, coreldraw, gimp, acdsee image editor). Or we can
    use, screen capture software build in on the image processing software
    to capture images from the webcam.

    What is Y!Intai

    to YIntai official website at,
    Yahoo Intai is a freeware software or application that will allow us to
    reveal or seek and check the online people even if they are in
    invisible mode, and also check whether the people has a webcam online
    or not. Yahoo Intai also has built in webcam viewer and webcam grabber
    or capture. Even, we do not need to add an ID to our messenger list
    because yahoo Intai has offline messenger list. Yahoo Intai contains
    two word. Yahoo for Yahoo and Intai for spy. Intai is Indonesian
    language that has the same meaning as spy in English. The caption of
    YIntai on the official website is “Y! Intai - The Aggressive Online
    & Webcam Hunter!”

    Our Experiences Using Y!Intai

    To use this ym webcam grabber and saver in our experiences is easy
    and not really hard enough. All we need to do just login with our Yahoo
    Messenger Account or ID with its password, then if we have and known
    the ID that has a webcam, we just enter the Yahoo ID and then click
    view webcam. If our request been accepted by the owner of the web
    camera, we can view and then capture the image from the webcam
    automatically ( has an option automatic or manual).

    Lack of YIntai

    Unfortunately, YIntai need a permission to make it able to view and
    capture image from yahoo webcam. Yahoo Intai did not support Private
    Messaging Service. We actually can send a message to other but, we
    never be able to receive any message for others.

    Simple Tips to Grab Yahoo Webcam ID and use it in YIntai

    If you did not have Yahoo Webcam ID list, you can find yahoo ID with
    webcam online through others Yahoo Messenger Chat Client. All you need
    to do just, login with different ID of Yahoo Messenger through official
    Yahoo Messenger (You can also use YmLite, YahElite
    and others to do this), then join in the chat room that contain a lot
    of ID with web cam (usually has symbol in join chat room list like
    this: Singapore:…[w3]. this mean in chat room has 3 IDs with a webcam).
    And then find the username or Id and type the ID on your YIntai web
    camera capture Software.

    Version History of YIntai

    The latest Version of Yintai was Y! Intai 2.Fz. Other version like YIntai 2.Fx is also available to download.

    Download Y!Intai

    You can download Yahoo Intai at Yahoo Intai Official website of you
    can just download it freely cause Yahoo Intai is freeware application
    through links that We give you below:

    Download YIntai at Rapidshare: Download YIntai
    Download YIntai 2.Fx at MediaFire: Download YIntai
    Download YIntai 2.Fz at MediaFire: Download Y!Intai

    Update YIntai 2.Fz Released

    Nowe You can find get new Update of Y!Intai 2.Fz. Enjoy it!

    Problem along with YIntai

    If you face a “no such interface supported” message error, just make sure you download YCabby installer and run it.

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    عضو مميز

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    رد: Y!Intai: View, Capture, Grab, & Save Webcam of Yahoo Messenger

    مُساهمة من طرف midobelal في الأربعاء 25 فبراير - 9:01

    merci ya nousa

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