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    المسؤلة عن الموقع
    المسؤلة عن الموقع

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    الجنسية : tunisienne
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    تاريخ التسجيل : 01/07/2008

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    مُساهمة من طرف INES في الخميس 12 فبراير - 0:04


    After gathering information you will be able to start. But starting what ? If you used
    a port scan, your tool will be able to show you the backdoor (open port) of the box in
    question you had previously scanned.So if you see the port 23 open it is a good thing now you
    can try a telnet connection with the box. For doing this you must open your command shell
    type telnet and then type open by default the port of telnet is 23 but
    you can telnet on an other port. For example many www server had those port open 21,22,23,80.
    The port 21 use for ftp transfer (file transfer protocol) only in tcp cause the udp port is
    allocated to the 22 port which had a ssh protection the most of the time. I assume that you
    already know the telnet port. The last port that i will be talk about it is the Internet port
    the 80. Once logged on telnet server, he will tell you which Os is installed. If your
    not able to connect trying with a brute force attack i suggest you BruteForce or John.
    these appz needs an excellent list of login names and passwords. Also you need to be patient
    cause the password maybe long so hard to cracking. Another point i wish you that server had
    dumb admin who checking the log of the server not often it will let you a margin to operate.
    Telnet is not the ultimate way you can connect your box to another by using ftp that almost
    the same of telnet execept you will type in the command shell ftp and after open or
    domain name if there a stupid admin to let an anonymous acces to the server this is to
    dangerous. Even the admin had putted a password protection do not panic with this cause there
    many way to cracking an acces like this i will show you how on another topic based only on FTP.

    عضو مميز
    عضو مميز

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    تاريخ التسجيل : 08/02/2009

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    مُساهمة من طرف midobelal في الإثنين 16 فبراير - 18:02

    merci nousa

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